Understanding the concept of cure in homoeopathy requires the basic knowledge of concept of health and disease.

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The Cure word is a Latin derivation of “curare” which means “Take care of/Care/Concern or Responsibility”.

Medical meaning of cure is providing relief to the symptoms of any disease or suffering of a person or living being.

In the field of medicine cure means,

  • To provide medical care or
  • Successful medical treatment or
  • Restoration of health from disease or
  • Removal of disease.

At the time of renaissance period, people of Rome used to believe that walnuts could cure head maladies hence their shape was similar to the shape of brain.

In order to become a medical practitioner, one must understand what is our purpose as a physician.

As prior medical practices were mainly focused on to relieve the symptoms or pain of the patient.

When we get ill, injure or infected, our affected body parts or whole-body senses unbearable pain or discomfort.

It is obvious for us to seek comfort in some or other way.

Even though our body is capable of producing natural pain killing substances itself, it has its own limitations especially in cases of extreme pain.

With the advancement of modern medicine, extended methods of instant relief have been discovered.

Advanced surgical techniques and generations of antibiotics are also the examples of modern medicine.

Despite of revolutionary medical practices, the dynamic state of disease in the human being remained difficult to treat.


Psychological disorders, recurrent allergic conditions, chronic pain, chronic skin diseases, hypertension, diabetes, repeated formation of renal calculi etc.

Because only removal of the external bodily discomfort and most irritating symptoms does not mean that person is free from disease.

Cure is the permanent removal of the whole bodily symptoms in most harmless and appropriate method.

This is only possible by following the healing process of nature.

Ancient Chinese people used to believe that headache could be cured by swinging our arms.


let me explain this with an example.

Think of a student who is about to appear in front of an external viva examiner for viva voce exam.

You see him shaking with anxiety and fear, restless movement of legs and pen in his hand, distressed look over his face while waiting for his turn in the hallway.

Hence you tell him: “Why are you so anxious and scared? Are you going to face a Ghost?”

Then after you observe him little more nervous for a moment then he calms down completely.

Let’s understand what exactly happened with this student?

The student was reacting as if he were about to face a ghost rather than an examiner.

You analyzed his reaction unsuitable to the situation or reality.

So, you approached him with an imagination of presenting in front of a ghost to which his present reaction would have been more suitable.

You made him conscious towards a different reality (that he was about to face an examiner not a ghost).

This awareness had slowed down his magnified response towards the fear of viva exam.

This is how, disease is an unsuitable state of a person towards the given situation.

Likewise, the awareness towards the reality cures the diseased state of a person by following the law of similar.



Disease is manifested by perceptible signs and symptoms.

Likewise, cure is manifested by removal of those signs and symptoms.

Strictly speaking, removal of all signs and symptoms of the disease similar to the cure.

But, even after removal of symptoms, If the health and strength of patient does not restore, it means either the most important symptom of the case has been overlooked or the case is incurable one.


Permanent restoration of health by total annihilation of the diseased state on the basis of absolute and confirmed principles. That is the Law of Nature.

Homoeopathic system of medicine is exactly based on this natural method of cure.

As Homoeopathic medicines are capable of producing a state which is similar to the person’s present diseased state.

In other words, these medicines create an artificial diseased state exactly similar to the diseased state of a person.

This artificially created diseased state stimulates the organism and making it aware of its inappropriate response towards the stimuli.

In this way organism itself starts to heal the body in a natural curative way.

Homoeopathic medicines are proved on healthy human beings of both sexes and of different ages.

It has been proved that there is definite relationship between the emotional and physical states in a person.

A homoeopath examines the whole history of his patient which include both physical and mental symptoms.

This detailed history of patient guides to form an idea of emotional state of the patient.

This make it easier to find the most similar remedy to the patient’s actual state of being (Both physical and mental).

Hence, homoeopathic concept of cure can provide the actual sense of wellbeing.

During ancient time, purposefully infecting the patient with malaria in order to cure various viral infections were practiced. The high fever may strengthen the immune system to fight against virus. Now a days same practice is being used to treat HIV infection.


Ideal cure means

  1. Total annihilation of the diseased state.
  2. Permanent removal of the morbific agent which caused the disease.
  3. Complete restoration of previous healthy state.